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Weekend Update

How was everyone's weekend? Unfortunately, mine was consumed by The Masters. Meh. My interest was peaked a little bit on Saturday when Danny made a special "Masters drink" with a booze I'd never heard of called Campari. Apparently his Dad used to make these back in the day so I was excited! Danny's Dad was a Golf Pro - who better to know how to make Golf drinks then a Golf Pro?!

My excitement was short lived however. Campari tasted like mouthwash - the old school kind, that burns.

Easter Sunday, Danny and I celebrated Jesus's resurrection with a trip to Home Depot*. I know, not a very spiritual way to spend the day but I got the supplies I needed to make this.

*We were also going to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond but we ran out of time. Name that movie quote!

Wondering how I got my glasses to hang like that? It's magic!!
JK - it's fishing wire.

 I of course stole this idea from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere though I can't find the exact post. I mean, I don't want to take credit for an idea that's not mine. Especially when I'm probably already on thin ice with J.C. for skipping church on Easter Sunday....and this Sunday....let's get real, I skip church almost every Sunday.

Anyone else forced to watch The Masters against their will?

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