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Shirt: Striped Shirt Company| Photography: Paige Budde

I'm not a huge sports person. Sure, I love a good tailgate. Or a Superbowl party - count me in! But let's be real here, I attend these types of things for the food and the opportunity to dress cute. The actual sports themselves? Ugh.

This is precisely the reason I'm so pumped about The Striped Shirt Company. They have cute, fitted shirts that allow you to support your team, school, organization, or whatever  without having to be all hard-core and wear a jersey.  You can get your spirit on without sacraficing your sexy.

Excited about The Striped Shirt Company? You should be! Especially because I'm now giving away a striped shirt to a Greetings from Texas reader! Yay!

Am I on my way to a KU party?  
A hot dinner date?
About to get hit by a car?
You'll never know!

For a more casual look, pair with jeans and sit in front of a stranger's house.
Photography: Paige Budde

(Giveaway open through the weekend. Winner announced Monday, April 16th.)

1. Visit Striped Shirt to pick out which color combo is your fave. 

2. Leave a comment below noting your fave color combo and email address.

Disclaimer 1 - You must be following me with Google Friend Connect to enter the giveaway.

Disclaimer 2-  When I said I hated watching sports. I lied. I do like watching gymnastics. I thought it was worth mentioning.

For more pictures from this Striped Shirt shoot, click here.

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