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Happy Halloween

Not only were my brother and his girlfriend in town over the weekend but my friend, Paige, was having a costume party. It was the perfect storm for a Halloween extravaganza.

So without further ado, allow me to the introduce the entourage with whom I rolled to the party;

(From left to right)  Beyonce, a McDonald's employee, me (a.k.a. Nicki Minaj), a referee.


An integral part of my Nicky transformation was giving myself a ghetto booty. I achieved the desired effect my padding my leggings with Macy's diapers. (Aww, I just realized this means Macy and I have already started to share clothes!!)
Half way through the party, I asked hostess Paige if she noticed and/or liked this part of my costume.  Her eyes lit up, she laughed, and said "OH MY GODDDD! I noticed but  thought you had just gotten fat!"  Paige is a bitch.

She knows how to throw a good party though.
Left: Red & White wine disguised as Halloween drinks.
Right: A voting mechanism for the costume contest....I actually made this in case that's not obvious.

Paige also knows how to do the worm - which you may recall from here. Not only was Paige doing the worm but she attempted to teach her party goers the dance move as well.
Although I don't have the pictures to prove that I too was doing the worm, I do have what feels to be a broken rotator cuff. It hurts terribly and I'm pretty sure I need to seek medical attention.  

Some other favorite moments from the evening;

Good stuff. Anyone else plan to get their Halloween on this year? What are you going to be? 

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