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Chanel Flavored Lemonade

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade". That was my senior quote in my highschool yearbook. Very cheesy and very embarrassing. Yet I can't help but thank that's precisely what I did recently when my purse broke.

What the fuck!!!

When the clasps (or whatever they're called?) initinally came off into my hands I was all "this is bullshit". Upon finding out, however, my bag was still under warranty I was less pissed. When I found out they were gonna let me keep the broken parts - I wasn't even pissed really, because I had an idea.

(Spoiler Alert: This is when I make the lemonade! Get excited!!!)

I made the parts into jewelry y'all! Cool Chanel jewelry that I'm super pumped about!

New Chanel bracelet!

New Necklace!!!

New Necklace in context of outfit! 

Let me clarify by saying I, personally, didn't make this stuff. I'm not DIY savvy. I can however find a jewelry repair shop like its nobody's business.

I like to think of this new bling as my "Chanel" flavored lemonade..

Or better yet, my "Chanel" flavored lemonade...spiked with vodka.

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  1. What a great idea! I'm doing this next time a purse breaks!


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