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I had to go to court this week for a ticket I received last month. I don't necessarily want to go into what the ticket was for, but I'll go into what it wasn't for. It wasn't for prostitution, arson, armed robbery, or jaywalking.

Here I am in court. I wore the preppiest thing I owned - a Lacoste Polo. I accessorized it with skinny jeans, flats, and in lieu of a purse, I carried a bible.

Upon arriving at the court house, I found my name on this board which let me know in which
courtroom I needed to appear.

Part of me was fine with going to court, as I knew as it was good for my street credit. Overall though, it was a terrible experience. Everyone there was a tatted up, ghetto hood rat -myself included as my Nicki Minaj tatoo from over the weekend was still intact.

Ironically, the only person I liked at court was the judge. He was very nice and patiently explained to me what I needed to do to be in good standing with the law. Part of it involves getting a Texas license and part of it involves shutting down the underground meth lab I run out of my guest bathroom. Ha - Kidding! It's in my garage, not my bathroom.

That's it for me today y'all. Have a good weekend and don't forget to obey the law!

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  1. omg so weird haha my friend is on that list haha!!! she just told me she got a ticket last month!


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