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Cheeky Vintage's Holiday Collection

Me & Julie from From Prosecco to Plaid
Although I'm the newest member of Langford Market's marketing team, I'm still maintaining my gig with Cheeky Vintage. (In addition to my freelance clients.) I'm like the Ryan Seacrest of the blogosphere.
Cheeky has been especially fun lately as we're in the midst of launching a Holiday collection called "30 Days of Holiday Dresses." The jist is that everyday in November (weekends included), we're going to release one dress from the collection to the website - and from there its a free for all. (First come, first serve obviously as every dress is vintage and therefore one of a kind. )The part I especially love about the this collection is that each dress is modeled by a different Houston fashion blogger (and a handful of loyal Cheeky clients) alike.
Here I am being shot by Cheeky Owner, Tina Davis.
Because part of the fun of this collection is the element of suspense, I'm only sharing these tiny thumbnail pics to hold you over to November!

Magen, Julie, Me
Roxy, Monica (again!), Leigh
*Not pictured (Bethany) and all the Cheeky clients that modeled who looked equally fab. You can see those thumbnails here.
Working for Denise and Tina, I was purvey to the dresses they had pulled for each blogger. It's fun to see who ended up wearing what was pulled for them, who made a switch, and how a dress can look so completely different on one person than it does another. That's what's fun about vintage! 
In the chance that anyone cares, I'll let you know when the dress I modeled is released to the site!!!!


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    1. I know. Lauren also looks great in hers and Monica's Valentino inspired dress is my other fave!

  2. Yay so fun! I can't wait to see them all! I was drooling over the racks.

  3. You just reminded me that I have a fur scarf thingy like that and it would go perfect with my dress on Friday night!

  4. "I'm like the Ryan Seacrest of the blogosphere." -- How long have you been waiting to say that??


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