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The Silianoffs Love Sevenly

This weekend Danny and I joined millions of our middle-class, millennial peers (though Danny's more of a boomer) by migrating to Ikea to purchase mass produced, but affordable, home furnishings. The 48 subsequent hours Danny worked on hanging our curtain wire and assembling shelving units while I mastered the Single Ladies dance via a particularly sassy YouTube tutorial.

By Sunday afternoon Danny needed some fresh air as his threats to "bomb those Swedish mother f*ckers" were becoming somewhat believable. I put a Coors light in his right hand and the camera in his left while we headed out to the backyard, rainy and mosquito-y as it was. I instructed Danny to take pictures of Macy's new Sevenly toys as I've recently been self-appointed as the company's messiah. I'm hoping this humanitarian effort will compensate for my family's lack of recycling, which I've been feeling bad about recently.

Macy and I playing with her toys from Sevenly - a company whose profits funnel a variety of philanthropic efforts. Sevenly also makes apparel, accessories, and stuff for Booker!
Macy is going to be 13 months this week. Her interests include Sesame Street, ripping up my US Weeklys (grounding ensued), antagonizing the dog with finger foods, dancing, and standing up in her high chair (more grounding.)
This toy is named Ophelie and she's a cool-ass chic. HA, get it? She's a chicken...

While I acknowledge this picture looks like I'm smoking a blunt pantless, let me assure you that's not the case. I'm just wearing short shorts and a long tank - its just a proportional issue. What I'm really doing in demonstrating how cool and functional my whistle necklace is. PLUS it helps fund peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - which I'm pretty sure Kendra Scott or even Miss Tiffany herself can't say.
My BFF who bought me this necklace (and Macy her toys) is in the midst of a Congolese adoption and wearing the necklace makes me feel connected to both her and sweet Nyota Grace who will be coming home next year to help Macy shred my tabloids.

*In other news, the winner of the Style Lab Co giveaway is Toyosi! Congrats cutie! Although, you're all basically winners because if you enter "Greetings" at discount you get 10% off your purchase!



  1. hahaha! You are smoking a blunt pantless! don't try to be modest or conservative...

  2. That daughter of yours is getting so big!! Look at little Macemeister....SO cute.

  3. I love Sevenly!
    I'm pretty sure I found it before it was cool though...Just kidding. I found it maybe 2 years ago; back then they were only selling one design a week in a small selection of women's and men's tees. I am so happy with their success!!
    I am eyeing those Hunter rain boots....I have wanted them since 2010 but haven't had the guts to splurge on them.

  4. Smoking a blunt pantless? Damn, you're edgier than Miley Cyrus!

    I want to steal Macy's purple overalls!


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