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Wedding Weekend

This weekend Danny and I headed to Marble Falls to attend the nuptials of our dear friends Ronnie and Jess. The wedding was at Three Points Ranch a venue that was rustic, remote, and really cool. I didn't take too many pictures but here are the few that I did snap;

Because their last name is "Heath". =)
The first thing Ronnie and Jess did as a married couple? Photobomb my mother in law.

And because he just can't help himself.....

 How ironic that the lyric talks about "feeling no pain".
*Congratulations Ronnie and Jess!! If your wedding is at all indicative of your marriage, you guys are going to be the coolest husband and wife ever! Love you guys!

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  1. Wow Danny! I didn't know you could sing! Her centerpieces were gorgeous and her dress, AMAZING! Congrats on the wedding. I hope it'll be a wild and crazy life. Yall look like the type that could handle it. ;)


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