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Spontaneous Family Outfit Post

When I realized my family was all coincidently sporting leopard print this morning - I immediately wanted to document it in the driveway. That's what we millenniums do, right? Document our every waking moment!! Danny, however, belonging to Generation X, and more importantly, "having to go to work" was less convinced. I think the follow pics, however, speak for themselves in regards the winner of our marital debate.
My leopard "piece de resistance"  is this Francesca's headband.
And here's the Mace monster in her leopard onesie. She turned 14 months this week.

 She's not talking yet...but very close. We want her first word to be "holla" and are practicing accordingly.
Booker's caramel coat juxtaposed with his black collar is very much within the leopard color palette.

I've saved the best for last. 
 Danny loves leopard.
Have a good weekend everyone!
XO, Megan


  1. oh my this just made my morning....that last picture! :D gold....

  2. A man who can hold wine and rock leopard is basically the perfect man... good catch Megan, good catch. Also I am glad to know you are raising Macy right-- leopard for life.

  3. laughing out loud in my cubicle. the hat is killing me.

  4. There are no words. Just.... there are no words. I love this.

  5. laughing out loud in my cubicle. the hat is killing me.

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