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Houston Socialite

Last night I attended not one but two parties. If you're not impressed it's okay because I totally am. It was a WEEK NIGHT people!!!
The first soiree was conveniently down the street from where I work at a new jewelry boutique called Willow. My new friend Julie (we're in love!) was hosting the party and all my BFFs were there. (Blogging friends forever!) Willow had lots of great jewelry and bags - though not to be outshined by the moscatto and peanut m&m's. (I've recently fell off Atkins and it hasn't been pretty.)
From left to right: Julie Bortnick, Rachel Duncan from Tootsies, some cool girl who is totally pulling off that rad hat, Miranda Jones
Next up on my jam packed social calendar was a party at Francesca's Collections. Again more friends, more booze, and more shopping! (And complimentary valet which I get really excited about!!) 
From left to right: Haley, Hat girl, Roxy, Miranda

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I tried to shop for presents as opposed to shopping for myself but failed miserably. Who was I kidding?

I scooped up this sweater and headband but Fran's had a lot of wonderfulness to choose from. I hadn't been to Francesca's in a while and they either stepped up their game or I just forgot how good it is. I'm sure the latter.

More pics from the evening on Instagram. Thanks to Fran's for such a luxurious soiree. The tagline for the evening was #franlovesbloggers which clearly they do judging by their hospitality and generosity. I love you too Fran - you're a down ass girl!!!


  1. I feel like a socialite too! My lifelong goal in life is now accomplished. Also - I am totally going back for that leopard headband because it's so amazing!

    Seriously though, it is always so good to hang with you girl! Here's to many more fancy blogger evenings together!



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