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99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One - NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE

photo by my friend Becky Murphy. She's cool.

It's only 6:17am in the morning but so far its shaping up to be a pretty good day. First and foremost, 99 Problems is now available on Kindle! Finally! Click here to snatch that right on up you technologically advanced person you!

Second, and this is super exciting, I found out this morning I'm speaking at Alt Summit! EEK!!! If any of you know what that is and want to be my roommate - please email me asap. Otherwise I'll have to spit game & shack every night which I'm sure Danny won't appreciate. (But maybe he would? Free lodging Dan!)

Third, my sissy Julianna, is kicking off a new series on Inspirations Daily today. (Which is the blog I write for Langford Market.) I formally invite you to check that out now by clicking on this cute lil link.
Hope y'alls day is going as well as mine! WOO HOO!
(It's possible I've drank way too much coffee!)


  1. OMG so many exciting things happening for you; I can't keep track!!! CONGRATS ON ALL! Wahoo!!!!! xo

  2. I wanna go to Alt!! Too bad it's sold out-- I'd totally be your roommate! Maybe you could pull some of your speaker strings? ;)


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