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A Chat with my Alma Mater

Friday morning I skyped with an Independent Reading Class at my Alma mater, Franklin High School. This class was a hybrid of freshman through senior students and we discussed writing, the publishing process, the publishing industry in general, and the imminent football game they had against "Oak Creek" later that evening.  It was a good conversation - especially considering it was just first period.

The part of this interaction that I enjoyed the most is where the kids asked me questions. Their teacher, (Mrs. Doucette who was my English teacher too! Some of you might recall her from my book?!) had sent me the questions ahead of time but there were a few off the cuff ones including, "who would I want to play me if my book was turned into a movie." I think I scared the kids when I instantly answered screamed "Rachel Bilson."  And although they didn't ask (whatever) I told them who'd I'd want to play my husband as well............

John Krasinski. (Call me John!)

This is what the Skype interaction looked like from their end. Had I known, at the time, my head was so large I would have done less screaming.
Seriously though - it was a special experience to be able to talk to the kids. I don't know that I was worthy to do so - but it made my day. I hope they enjoyed it half as much as I did.


P.S. Want to see what I looked like when attending Franklin High School? Read this post.
P.P.S. Roxy is giving away a copy of my book (and my friend's book) on her blog today. Check that out here.



  1. ALSO - I've seen John doing pushups next door. It was all I could do not to strip naked and throw myself at him!


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