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Holiday Hotties

My taste in fellas has always been a little eccentric. In high school, my friends dated a variety of guys while I seemed to hone in on a singular family. My very first kiss was with a sweet boy named Adam. He was great but it was his twin brother, Brett, that I dated on and off throughout my high school career. Who did I have a HUGE crush on when Brett and I were "off"? Their older brother, obviously, who just happened to be the TA for my gym class. Don't worry, I'm not done. They had cousins. My relationship with their boy cousin was platonic but their girl cousin? We were in a singing group together and her voice was like that of an angel. Had "I kissed a girl and I liked it" been out then, I would have suggested her and I take the lead on that one.

In college, I studying abroad a lot so my objects of affection were equally bizzare. My older Ecuadorian host-brother comes to mind. He was in his late 30's, balding at an alarming pace, and still living at home but we'd watch Spanish MTV  together like it was nobody's business. Technically we never kissed (or talked! I sucked at Spanish!) but we were fluent in the language of love.

Perhaps my unique taste is why I had so many romantic missteps in my life. If you've read my book, you're well aware of what I'm talking about; my lack of gaydar presented a problem on a number of occasions, the called off wedding (neat), and of course the whole mixing business with pleasure incident of 2007. The client I was scandalously soliciting? seeing? entertaining? turned out to be Danny, making the situation significantly less slutty but still. My coming of age romantic endeavors were not pretty.

Now that I'm married, it doesn't mean that my romances have to end.
"Actually that's exactly what it means says." says Danny as he reads this over my shoulder.

"Let me be clear" (said in an Obama voice) I still love John Krasinski, Jay (as in "Z"), and Adam Brody but the following hotties have been catching my eye this holiday season. Allow me to introduce you; 

Nick Lachey - The return of the Sing-Off has not only reminded me how much I love that show but why Jess Simpson in her hay day, a time when she could have anyone, would pick Nick. He's cute, witty, flirty, and can sing. He's getting me all hot and bothered......wait for it......98 Degrees to be exact!
Chris Messina - He's been a small, yet constant, fixture in the romantic comedy scene for years now, but his role in The Mindy Project, specifically this dance number, is why earlier this week when I found myself watching this 40 minute YouTube interview on my Ipad at 2'o clock in the morning. Sure, I was stoned, (ha! kidding!) but it was incredibly enthralling nonetheless.
Jonah Hill - See what I mean- I'm sure a lot of you are all "huh" right now. But what's not to love? He's talented, he's quite dapper these days, and above all, he's HILL-arious.......(Nailed it!)

Alright, level with me. Has my taste evolved into something more mainstream? Are these conventional choices or am I still romantically retarded? Please let me know in the comments section at your earliest convenience.

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  1. oh. my. god. i am shaking with laughter in my cubicle right now, i effing love you. probably my favorite write up to date. i'm with you on chris messina... the others are for sure a unique taste :) i also have the jones for Jason Segel, which is often perceived as somewhat strange from my friends.

  2. I'm so enamored with Russell Brand I have his portrait tattooed on my thigh. So no judgments coming from me!

  3. Jonah Hill seems about right

  4. hilarious post. Really like what you did with the family (the romancing, obvi, and the writing!). And the ho ho ho. SO funny.
    I'm with you on Chris Messina, his character on the Mindy Project is so cute.

  5. Chris Messina, yes! And I'm loving the Sing-Off too.

  6. I'm all about Eddie Redmayne these days.....a ginger Brit with trout lips. I might join your "eccentric taste" club.


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