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Macy's First Rap Video

I haven't done the best job with Macy's baby book. Every time I talk to my mom she brings it up and I just feel like the worst mom ever. Or at least on the same level as "Tan Mom".
I feel so bad about it that this week when Macy appeared to harbor a new favorite food - I really wanted to commemorate it in a big way. I decided a simple documentation in the baby book wasn't enough and thought a rap video would make up for my previous lackadaisical ways.

Because her new favorite food is deli ham  - it was an obvious choice to choose Kanye and Jay Z's song, HAM, as the music de resistance. Please enjoy.


  1. This video is MAJ!!!! I can't stop laughing just thinking about it! You totally made up for the baby book. This is something Macy WILL be proud of!

  2. SHE IS SO FREAKING CUTE. That fur vest!!!!!! Best video. xo,Julie

  3. OMG!!!!! SO FUNNY! Booker's part was my favorite! lol


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