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Short 'n Sweet Oufit Post

Today's post is going to be short 'n sweet, almost literally, as this LBD I'm wearing is from Gambita, the petite line that I've recently collaborated with. (The promo code "GambitaforGreetingsfromTexas" gets you 30% off your online purchase.)
Today's word count needs to be abbreviated as well as I have to do some marketing of the Cheeky Vintage Holiday Guide before leaving for Langford.  I'm a "working girl "y'all -  but in lieu of sex I solicit social media. Though I bet sex pays more. Maybe I should add a few of those services to my pricing menu.

Photography by Awake Your Soul

Gambita calls this LBD "The Perfect Stranger Dress" which I'm hoping they named after the 80's sitcom, Perfect Strangers. Did anyone ever watch that show? With crazy cousin Balky? Such a good show. Speaking of "shows", I need to get mine on the road.
Though if you want more nonsense from me today, follow me on Instagram and/or twitter. Yesterday I "grammed" my freshman year volleyball picture which was really exciting for my current followers and old orthodontist.


  1. You look amazing!

  2. 1. That dress is a gorgeous!
    2. I thought that my sister and I were the only children who watched Perfect Strangers and most definitely the only adults that could still remember the name Balky. A+ for obscure references and extra points if you also watched Wings.

  3. Girl you lookin' fiiiiiione in that dress! Love the back!

  4. Um. Yes, after seeing this dress sex should definitely be added to your pricing menu... I kid, I kid.
    But seriously. HOTNESS EVERDEEN.

  5. Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!

    (All Chicago kids MUST KNOW THIS SHOW. Perfect Strangers and Svengoolie.)


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