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Last Minutes Christmas Gifts

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We're seven days away from the big show. We're at the point that even online shopping with expedited shipping can get dodgy. Here are some awesome ideas that you can still pull off.

no. 1  A signed copy of my book. I'll write a super gushy dedication to make you look especially thoughtful. While normally you'd have to get my book from Amazon, I have stock at my house that I can sign and mail out because 'tis the season. Email me asap with the shipping and recipient info and I'll make it happen captain. (Must be able to pay via paypal.)

no. 2  As seen in Glamour magazine, write out your favorite recipe on a cute recipe card and then buy all the corresponding ingredients and present it to your friend, mom, lover, boss, etc. so they can make it.

no. 3 I've talked to Danny about it. He's in. Caveats include that the girl must be hot. No going passed 3rd base allowed. Bidding starts at $50.

no. 4 A classic gift that keeps on giving. Mazel!


  1. I'm totally bidding on the date with Danny. ;)

  2. I love unique gift ideas. Thanks. If you need a foodie gift check out my book 365 Guide. It’s nothing but restaurant deals and bar specials.


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