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Alt was incredible. I've been sitting here for hours now trying to give you more eloquence and detail than that - but for now that seems like all I'm capable of coming up with. Therefore I'm going to rely on these pictures to provide further insight into one of the best weekends of my life.

My roomie - Alicia DiRago! Whip smart, Whimseybox owner, and just an overall down ass girl.

View from the hotel room.

*Photography Note That majority of these pics were not taken by me but taken from the Alt Flicker Stream. I'm sure that was obvious given their superior quality.

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  1. SO COOL.
    My favorite photog ever ever ever left a comment on your insta picture and it took everything in me not to text you and have a major fangirlstatus moment.

    Also that plaid dress is everything.

  2. I have to get to an ALT one of these days. Soon!

  3. I am going to ALT next year...from these photos it looks amazing. Xx Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am so jealous. Why can't all bloggers have their own state and we can all attend these together like once a month. That would work better for me.

  5. Alright, alright, my lover Matthew McConaughey would say. How much are these tickets AND can I please go with you next year?!

  6. Alt was so much fun! I would love to speak next year. What a neat opportunity for you!


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