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The Best of the World Wide Web - Alt Summit Edition

As I do from time to time, I've curated the internet for you. Please enjoy.
photo by Melissa Hope - click here to watch video version

-Melissa Hope is my new BFF, an amazing photographer, and instagram sensation.  Because I'm incredibly narcissistic my favorite work of Melissa's is this snowflake video she made of me.

-Are you one of those people who eats food? Perfect! I have two new food blogs that you must read. Both are new friends and sexually attractive woman. The first is A Life Well Lived  by Amanda Fredrickson. We call her Christy though because she looks like Christy Brinkley and potentially is Christy Brinkley..I'm still not sure.

-Aida Mollencamp (who perhaps y'all know from her time on the Food Network & Cooking Channel) is another hot woman with a whisk. She actually just posted an "elevated" version of the cocktail we consumed each night in our hotel room soirees. I say "elevated" because while at one point I had a cocktail that resembles her blog post, by the end of conference ingredients were scarce and we were doing whiskey shots out of Dixie cups. (Or at least I was. The classier bloggers just switched to beer.)

-I'm pretty sure I'm getting a real tattoo in 2014, hold on - fielding angry phone call from mother, but in the meantime Tattly has the coolest (inexpensive) temporary tats ever! They'll make custom ones too. 

-Subscription services are becoming a thing. Birchbox does makeup, Whimseybox  (the best subscription service of all) does DIY kits, and according to Danny there is even a golf subscription service now called Birdie Box. (*Note. Golf is lame.) But guess what The Period Store sends you every month? Stuff for your period. Bahaha! Not only is it a funny and creative business idea but  their branding is awesome.

-Dear Handmade Life, Not Merely Living, Freckled Italian, Fresh Idea Studio are all rad blogs written by new friends. Add 'em to your blogroll.


  1. You are officially hired to curate the internets for me on a daily basis. LOVE that vid of you....for my high school dance class, we did our performance to that song. ;)

    1. Wait a minute. High school dance class? Please elaborate ; ) And my crappy work computer won't let me view this video!

  2. ahhhh!!!! love this and so so so happy to meet you! we have alt posts going up this and next week too! for sure including a pic of you in your pj's :) #teamspeakeasy - nicole

  3. Checking all of these out!

    In relation to period boxes, watch this NOW:

  4. You're awesome chica! Oh you make me smile, Megan! Laugh and all kinds of other good things too! xxoo, your #rad #altsummit #friend ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm so flattered (and laughing like mad because you're so hilarious)! You totally rock, my new bff! May I forever be the Yeezy to your Hov.

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  7. Megan, you are hilarious! It was so delightful to meet you at the Shark dinner; I only wish I would have had more time to chat. Fingers crossed for Alt next year!

  8. Hi Megan! I am glad I met you at your roundtable discussion, because after hearing you talk and getting a sense of your personality, reading your post is even more enjoyable ;) Thanks for being so willing to share information with everyone. Very helpful :)


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