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The End.....Again

For those of you who read my book, you learned the intimate story of my cancer expedition and joined Danny and I in our process of domestic adoption from start to finish.

Fast forward 17 months later, we're still very happy. (Most days. Danny hit the "heat cycle" on the dishwasher last night and our kitchen went up in smoke. I got real pissed.)

Macy Carter who Danny has recently nicknamed "The Beast", is a happy, animated, giggly, little girl who can do a somersault with minimal spotting on my part.

"The Beast"
This week, however, we received news of what feels like a second epilogue. A better epilogue actually. (Though I like to maintain mine was pretty solid.) After being together for almost 8 years, Macy's birthmother and birthfather are GETTING MARRIED!

As they told me, they've been together for a long time and have been through a lot. They want to get married in front of God, however, as a sign of how grateful to him they are.

It's beautiful and feels like a happy ending to an already happy ending.

Danny and I will be at the wedding and I'm already looking forward to the day when I can recount the details for Macy. Not only will I give her the play-by-play of the dress and typical wedding affair, but I'll be able to remind her that she is a byproduct of PROLIFIC LOVE.

Every child has parents that love them but not every child has parents who love each other. Macy has two sets up parents that love each other and that's pretty special.

Love wins.

THE END. (Again.)



  1. I just finished your book on a plane and cried. awkwardly. like, the guy next to me felt so uncomfortable. I tried to play it cool and look out the window, but instead it looked like a scene from a bad hallmark movie where the girl flees true love in Alaska because she is scared and goes back to NY to her life as a magazine editor or something. Not at all like a girl trying to pretend she isn't crying while on a 90 minute flight to visit friends. But whatever.
    Anyway, that is the sweetest news! I feel like I adore her birthparents from everything you wrote of them.

  2. Meg, this is so wins! Macy is a lucky girl.

  3. She is the luckiest girl on the planet!!! YA love!

  4. SO sweet! I really need to read your book like yesterday!

  5. I love this. And you, lady! You're awesome and Macy is one lucky girl.

  6. *YAY* That is great news and so sweet!

  7. LOVED your book and I love this! Wonderful news!

  8. I love this! I just read your book a couple weeks ago, and it was so great to get the full story! This is a perfect happy ending again!

  9. Megan thank you! I love you and this is beautiful. we are so excited and I wanna marry him right now! Macy is so gorgeous and amazing.Yall are wonderful parents to her. Thank you for writing this. We love you.

  10. You are just an amazing person. She is so very blessed to have you.

  11. Aaaaand I'm crying. That's amazing. So so so amazing. that's all I know to say!


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