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Growing up, I always said my dream career was either to be a model or a skinny, hot food critic. Now that I'm older, I know those were stupid choices and that I should have aspired to be a trust fund baby. That said, modeling is pretty cool, given my recent experience with local Houston boutique, Carrie Ann.

As I mentioned here, Carrie Ann had a few of us Houston bloggers model for imminent Valentines Day promotion.

From left to right: Karli @ Fashion Billie, Miranda @ Shop & Twirl, Meg from Everyday Meg, Val & Nikki @ Style to EnvyImani @ Inspirations Muse

And here comes the call to action! On Feb 13th and 14th, all Carrie Ann apparel will be 20% off. (Online and in store.) This includes my looks which you can check out on her site here.

Happy early Valentines Day friends!

Megan is my name. The internet is my game.

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  1. This just looks like such a blast. How fun to get to see yourself on a website. Y'all all look super fabulous. Hope you had a great start to your week.


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