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What's In My Bag....

For those of you who read the other blog that I write & manage (Langford Market's blog) you know that we have a running series called "blogger bags". The series is self explanatory in that we ask bloggers to dump out their bags and dish about the contents. Today in that series, I've lined up myself as the guest contributor. (I was hard to convince but eventually caved.)

So without further ado - this is what I tend to lug around on a consistent basis.
A Book: I just started Bird By Bird - I haven't even read enough to comment on it yet. I also want to read BJ Novaks new book. I tend to always have more than one book going at once because I'm super hard.

My Planner: I jumped on the
Erin Condren bandwagon.

Flats: I feel like its the former Chicago girl in me. City girls always have a pair of flats in their purse, no? These Everlane Sandals are new and rad.

Coach Business Card Wallet: I always have my cards with me so I can impromptu business if necessary. "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business - man."  - Jay Z & Megan.

Loreal Infallible: This is the only lipstick I trust. I know once it's on and set, it's not going anywhere. (I wear shades 110 & 730.)

Studded Wallet: I have nothing interesting to say about my wallet.

Hand Sanitizer: My cousin, Brenna, turned me on to Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer. They are scented and therefore don't smell like a doctor's office which I appreciate.

*Hop on over to Langford's blog to see who else has contributed to this series!

Get all up in my business.



  1. i got the same pink phone. i don't know why i thought "yea, i'll go for the neon pink" becasue that isn't really my thing. but i did. No hesitation. and i never looked back

  2. I totally love the cover of your Erin Condren. I almost want to fork up the $50 again just to have that cover!

  3. Wow, what a nice collection. I appreciate your posted wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.

  4. I also jumped on the Erin Condren band wagon...


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