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Mt. Rushmore Outfit Post

Greetings from Mt. Rushmore! Just kidding guys, I didn't go to Mount Rushmore. I'm realizing now I don't even know where it is.....near the Grand Canyon right?
Meg Cady actually snapped these pics in the workshop/studio of Houston artist David Adickes. It's right next to a Target. The whole scene is very strange.
And it turns out my geography skills are just as bad as my president knowledge. I didn't know who any of these giant heads were. Perhaps Mr. Adickes should consider sculpting some celeb heads? That's more my area of expertise. Speaking of which - did you guys see that Selena Gomez went to rehab?! But not for drugs or alcohol? What? Let's get to the bottom of this in my comments section. I really feel we should.
This Free People One Angel Lace Dress comes in black, green tea, plum, and off white.

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  1. You look amazing in these pictures!

  2. Great photos! I love the outfit :)
    I have been meaning to get outfit photos here for ages! I love the quirkiness of that spot : )
    Sarah x

  3. I've been to the Mt. Rushmore heads in Houston, too. I like that it's really in this so so bad area that's now good and just to the freeway.

  4. You look simply amazing in this your boots.


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