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Chelsea Handler Book Signing

This weekend there was a Chelsea Handler book signing just miles from my house and so I attended accordingly. The signing was organized into groups - me conveniently being in the first group to get my book signed. When I arrived and saw the modest crowd I figured I'd be back home laying on my couch within 20 minutes.(My preferred weekend activity.)

Then at 2pm, the event start time, the following announcement was made to the line;

"Ughhh, hey everyone. We just want to manage your expectations. Chelsea's plane hasn't even arrived in Houston yet. We'll keep you updated."


I told myself (and the girl next to me in line who I assumed cared about my personal plans) I'd give it 5 -10 minutes and if she wasn't en route within then, I'd go home and sign the book myself. I mean, it'd be cool to see Chelsea, but not "wait 3 hours" cool.
We received confirmation shortly after that, however, she was en route and would be there in 30 minutes-ish. Because it was a book signing I had reading material for the wait I decided to wait.

I was probably the 4th or 5th person to get my book signed by Chels. Here's the play-by-play of our interaction;

Chelsea: Hi! How are you?
Me: Good, thanks.
Chelsea: Are you coming to the show tonight?
Me: Uhh, no.....
(Awkwardness silence.)
Me: Good luck though.......  (super weird/dumb thing to say)
Chelsea: Okay. Have a good weekend.
End Scene.
I was in and out of the store within, no exaggeration, a minute in a half. It was a well oiled machine so that Chelsea could sign the 100+ books in surely less than 40 minutes. Everyone there had a post-it note inside their book with their name so she wouldn't have to do the whole "what's your name, how do you spell it? jargon.
Chelsea looked good. She looked fresh, skinny, and sober.  Her inscription to me did not.
Did any of you go to her show in Houston or any other city? I'd love to hear how it was if so! Talk to me people!



  1. When I went to see her show filmed it was the same type of procedure. I was mostly alarmed by how SUPER tiny she was in the dress she was wearing.

  2. I loved her book, and usually do, but her show was too expensive I thought. I'm surprised your interaction was so awkward, I would have expected some sort of ridiculous comment from her.

  3. so it was just a book signing? She didn't do a talk or anything? I've just been to a few book signings, and the author read an excerpt of the book, and then did a Q&A session, and then signed books. I would be disappointed if it was just a signing line!

  4. Would it have been weird to give her one of your signed books?

  5. I went to her show in SD...same story. Although we had brought our own copies to be signed and they made us buy new copies there! And we couldn't take a picture with her. Boo! Love me some Chelsea but I think her tv show is better than her live show.


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