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Conscious Uncoupling

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Gwyneth Paltrow is everything. I'm not going to say "spirit animal" because that's a term that has become too popular and I have no idea it what it means but I just think she's cool. How's that?
Case in point - even the manner in which she gets divorced is cool. Just cavalierly releasing a statement on her blog (she's a blogger! bloggers are cool!) in conjunction with a truly through provoking piece on the concept of marriage.
While you can read it for yourself here, the jist is that marriage originated when humans were dying in their thirties. Now that we live four times as long, marriage is unrealistic. The article says that when marriage fails, we feel like we failed, but that's not the case. The game was rigged. It goes on to talk about bugs skeletons and stuff that is a little out there but as a whole I buy into the message.
This is not to say that I want to get divorced. Danny is hilarious and I feel lucky to have him. (Most days.) He recently "surprised me" by installing brown (think feces) blinds in our guest room and I hated marriage and him that day.
As we all do, I also reflect on the experiences of people close to me when deliberating my position on marriage;
-Danny was married for a year and then divorced right before he met me.
-My parents divorced recently after 35 years causing an onslaught of reflection - specifically on child rearing.
-Kim Kardashian and The Hump divorced.
I guess my thesis is that despite being a happily married person and a romantic comedy addict - I concede that marriage might be a tad ambitious as a concept. Is that weird?
What do you guys think of it conscious uncoupling? Is it a PR "masters class" by Paltrow's team? Or is Gwyneth genuinely on to something?
Let's talk about it. I have nothing else to do today.

P.S. Happy Birthday Allyson Fulcher! Muah!! XO



  1. I am a new follower who is also adopting! I totally agree with this post there are many times I strongly dislike my husband! Though I know I wouldn't trade him for the world maybe Brad Pitt but that's a different story I couldn't live without him. And I always let him know he would probably never ever find some one else that could ever put up with him. A little back story, he is awesome at embarrassing me everywhere, ex. he enjoys dancing and singing down the aisles at the food store or anywhere he wants me to hurry up.

    I am so glad I found your blog you are making this adoption process a tad easier for me to handle!

  2. #1: this was a genius PR move. if more celebs revealed splits, pregnancies, etc then they wouldn't have to whine about cheap magazines getting the story wrong, it's going to come out eventually, might as well tell it first instead of letting others cash in.

    #2: why does she make divorce look so... chic? i kind of want to get married now and then divorced so i can tell my friends about my conscious uncoupling.

    #3: she is everything. agreed.


    1. There is nobody I'd rather be on the same page with than you Ms. Chelsie Moss.

  3. Haha… Megan this was so on my radar today. I remember seeing an interview she did years ago where the host made some crack about how tough it must be to be married to a rocker like Chris Martin and she just rolled her eyes and said "you have no idea." I was like "uh oh spaghettios." It's over. That was like four years ago. Then this. She's getting lots of flack for being so freaking ahead of the PR curve, but more power to her. Absolutely genius move, as was said above, to control the announcement entirely but publishing her own version of it in her own words in her own media outlet. This is why every person on earth needs a blog. I have half the time no idea what to do with mine, but if I want to make an announcement as hot as this, at least I'll have the place to do it. Kisses to you Megan and extra for Macy xx

  4. #1 - - Not my first choice for a domain
    #2 - Very interesting article, and it did make me use my brain for just a bit ; ) I heard many years ago from an older couple, that marriage brings out your worst. God can use your spouse to show you the absolute worst part of you, selfishness, anger, judgement, etc. But then it's our opportunity to work on those things they bring out. It rings so true to me. Who better to point out how selfish I'm being than my husband, or help me to realize a different way to face a situation than with negativity. I can't began to articulate my thought process on this, but I do believe we can love multiple people and have multiple relationships, but when you bring kids in to the mix it complicates it. I would hope that as my relationship grows and faces ups and downs, that I would grow myself and become a better version of myself.

    1. That's a good way to put it - "made me use my brain." And yes, kids definitely complicates it. Part of me thinks being married is a moot point - if you have kids or not is when shit really starts to matter. Either way, I can't see you being selfish or angry or any of those things you mention - you're too sweet and I heart you Miss Jesse Coulter.

  5. Always felt sorry for coldplay dude. Now he doesn't have to deal with the goop embarrassment anymore

  6. As a PR move, it's creative. I think that's what is called damage control of their public image. And, actresses are creative people. I hope their children don't trade them in for a new Mom & Dad.

  7. Honestly I disagree with the post on "conscious uncoupling" because it looks at marriage entirely from the what I consider to be selfish perspective that marriage is intended as a vehicle for your happiness and that when you are no longer happy you should end it (i'm using the metaphorical you here though, not referring to anyone in particular). I also think blaming it on our extended lifespans is selfish - craving new experiences doesn't mean you should go out and find them.

    Not to say my marriage is perfect - far from it at times - but my outlook has always been that I made this choice and I continue to choose to honor that choice every day


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