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Enlightening Thoughts Regarding Bathing Suits

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My cousin, Jessie, and I are nothing if not profound people.  We recently had a particularly enlightening conversation in which we solved some of life’s most arduous problems. I’ll share with you now in hopes you have the same “ah ha” moment we did.

The rhetoric went something like this;

Shopping for bathing suits is “the worst”.  We, as human beings, dread it. We’re pasty, we’re fat, we’re cold because (depending on where you reside) it’s still winter and stripping down in a dressing room may cause you to die of frostbite. Therefore, we as a species, put off bikini shopping.

But you know what? That just makes putting on your bathing suit for the first time that season that...much…worse. (That “first time”  for Jessie and I being our recent trip to FL where this respective conversation took place.)  

Therefore, buy a bathing suit now. Whether it’s one of above Marilyn inspired ones that I gravitate to or something you find independently, just buy it.  You still may not like your body when it comes time to debut it, but if you have something cute and that fits well – it will help the situation moderately.

Jessie and I then moved on to cure cancer, find the missing plane, and make pump cheese organic.

The End.

*Reader note There is a lot of negative body image talk in this post. I don’t mean to condone or perpetuate the negative rhetoric that we as women and society use.  My intention was solely to document the conversation verbatim. In which case I should mention there was a lot more 'totallys', 'likes', and 'for reals' voiced that I failed to record. Also, just for some extra context, we were drunk, in the pool, and wearing suits we did not like. 






  1. In theory I love the idea of a Marilyn inspired suit, but in practice I also hate trying on bathing suits and therefore still don't know if they work on me or not. Maybe this summer I'll finally take the plunge (bad pun intended)? Cute options here :)


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