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Outlet Mall Megan

Greetings from Florida! Or perhaps more accurately, Greetings from the Outlet Mall, in Florida! I've been there a total of three times now. Once on a solo mission, once with my cousin, and once with my other cousin. They basically know me up there or at least the people at Auntie Ann's do.
The thing is, the outlet mall is only 3 minutes away from my Dad's neighborhood. It's highly convenient.  And it boast stores like The Kate Spade outlet, the Bloomys outlet, the Jcrew outlet!! You basically go up there and bleed money!
This Derek Lam top was one of my many finds at the outlet mall. Originally $300 bucks and I got it for $69 which was amazing for a multitude of reasons.

Alright, that's all for this post. I have to go back to the outlet store. Later gators.

//Photos by world famous photographer, Jessica Halpin// 


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