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Greetings from Texas for PEERFIT

I'm exhausted, sore, hopefully skinny, and definitely feeling great as I begin to type this sponsored post for Peerfit. The Peerfit Sweatpass is a monthly membership that gives you access to a plethora of top gyms and studios in Houston. (Or wherever it is that you reside.) So instead of buying a membership and locking yourself into one gym, this bad boy lets you frequent a handful of places! My biggest problem regarding working out is that I'm lazy it's boring. But when you are switching it up, like I was fortunate enough to do this month, it nips the monotony in the bud and makes working out more exciting.
Indulge me by reading about my recent workouts below.
JOY YOGA -  I loved the 11:30am pilates class I took. It wasn't crowded, the teacher was great and likeable, and the purple studio was flooded with natural light - it was just a very zen hour of my life. (Minus the abs portion of the class - Mother fucker!) I'm looking forward to trying the Voss location that's even closer to my house.
REVOLUTION SPIN - I've attended spin classes before and always thought they were meh. But this class was conducted in the dark with candles and by an instructor that got off her bike and danced. It also, like yoga, incorporated a spiritual aspect into the class that I think is rare (for spin workouts) and I really like that aspect. 
BABY BOOTCAMP - For a being productive-obsessed person like myself I loved that Baby Bootcamp KILLED TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE. I felt like a great mom because Macy was essentially on a massive playdate running around the gym with the other kids there. But as I was watched her steal other kids snacks and disperse them throughout the gym, I was immersed in a workout that involved weights, bands, sprints, and too many bear crawls across the gym floor. I definitely plan to start going to this class on a regular basis.

BIG YOGA- My first time trying out a heated yoga class. My favorite thing about this studio was the atmosphere. It was clean, colorful, and had one of those vibes, similar to Whole Foods, where you just feel healthier by being there. They had a great looking juice bar that I wished I'd ordered something from and kids yoga! The minute Macy turns three I'll be enrolling her in those classes while I take a class in the other room.
*In addition to Houston, Peerfit exists in Austin, Kansas City, and is launching in Atlanta this summer! Additionally, if you refer someone to Peerfit - you get your next month free. Get it girls! (And boys.)
XO, Megan


  1. Oh I love the idea of this!! Although right now I'd settle for getting to the gym I do belong to!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches

  2. Glad you liked the classes, Megan! Wish I could have joined you for more! Let me know if you go back :-) -
    Libbie Hill


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