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Get the Look: Solange Knowles

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Like the rest of the world I've been obsessed with the Jay, Bey, & Solange elevator drama. Last night on her show Chelsea Handler predicted that Jay did something shady at the Met Gala and Solange was simply defending her sister as Beyoncé famously did nothing to stop the attacks. But Beyoncé's instagram post about giving relationships up to God make me think Solange is just a loose cannon slash hood rat.

Let's not forget when she was real bitchy in this Fox News interview.

Hood rat or not, homegirl can dress. As you'll see from my Solange pinterest board she's had a lot of hits (albeit misses too) in her coming of age. This above "risky business" outfit is one of my fave Solange looks. She got flack for it, which will happen when you don't wear pants, but I think its hot and something shortys like me could pull off.

What do you guys think happened in the elevator?
I want to do nothing today but read your hypotheses.
Make this dream come true for me.



  1. It's all i thought about last night. Different scenarios. I think it was Jay. He was either mouthing off to her or something with Bey. But from other things I've read, the Carters throw down. A lot.
    but maybe she's just a nasty drunk.
    why is this all i can think about? I HAVE TO KNOW. WHY WASN"T THERE AUDIO

  2. I gotta say - I don't think that 'Yonce "did nothing" she steps in a few times between them, she just doesn't get violent. But to me, Beyonce and Jay's attitudes seem more like they've dealt with this shiz before. I know that we can never know what goes on behind the scenes, but I've always been so impressed with how Beyonce and Jay Z present themselves to the public and in interviews. My money is on Solange getting sloppy drunk and out of control.

  3. Oh my gosh - your post cracked me up. I think she was drunk and got a little rowdy. I get a little rowdy when I have more than a few cocktails so I know the drill.

  4. I most definitely feel like Solange was just sloppy drunk. Hence Beyonce giving that older sister annoyed face I did 100 times with my younger sister. It is so BIZARRE though to have drama in their family since they're normally so private and put together. I can't look away though. I was telling my coworkers I feel guilty that I am way more interested in this than far more important issues like Benghazi. Also, the risky business outfit reminds me of when I dressed up as a "One Night Stand" for Halloween in college. Oy, poor decisions.


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