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For those of you who woke up this morning inquiring about the history and specific nuances of my hair ( obviously all of you) - TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! WOO HOO!

It all started when I was 7 and had a bowl cut. I broke my foot via gymnastics and went to the doctor who gave me crutches. As I was practicing with the crutches, the doctor repeatedly said to my mom "he's using them right. he's using them right." My mom, attempting to console me, told me this mistake was a result of me not wearing earrings - as though earrings were solely responsible for signifying my gender.

I started growing out my hair then only to cut it super short in college to accompany some platinum blond highlights. It was hideous and I was single for four years.

And here we are today! My hair is long and people rarely mistake me for a male.

-These are the products I use to keep my hair luscious-

Hana Professional Flat Iron 1" - I was sent a straightener to review when I first started my blog. It's awesome and I still use it. Watch my  video on it here.

Ceramix Xtreme Hairdryer - I borrowed my friend Griffins hairdryer once while staying at her house and was blown away (ha! get it?) on how amazing it was. Assuming it was a professional, insanely expensive one, I was shocked to learn it was only $59.99  I still think the pricing is a mistake. Get it on it while you can. 

Bed Head Wave Runner, 3 Barrel - My hair is naturally wavy but I use this to touch it up. Despite numerous YOUTUBE tutorials I can't master the bohemian curl with a curling iron. This is easier and looks more beachy where the curling iron technique looks more polished.

Dove Dry Shampoo - I only wash my hair like 2 times a week. Judge away judgies. I have been dying to dry the Dove brand as I read it's Nicole Richie's fave. It's only $5 but hard to find. You have to order it online.

Malin+Goetz- MY FAVORITE BEAUTY BRAND. The peppermint shampoo is orgasmic, the packaging should win a graphic design award, and my hair responds well to it. If I was a high roller I'd splurge on Malin+Goetz on the regular. (Read about my visit to the NYC Malin+Goetz here.)

Do or Dye Texas - Houston people, holler up on Brandi.

Free People Headbands- There is nothing better than wearing a scarf in my hair and pretending I'm a cool hipster as opposed to the 30 something mom that I am. Free People headbands are my go-to. 



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