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Yesterday's Photoshoot

Yesterday I had a little photo shoot at my house for a magazine you may have heard of called Vogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JK. It wasn't Vogue - it's a slightly less circulated, but equally cool publication called Conquest Magazine. (Published quarterly by MD Anderson.)
I wrote a piece for Conquest's summer issue and they needed photography to accompany it. The photographer was Wyatt McSpadden who I since learned via his business card he gave me is AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER.  I'm glad I didn't know prior as I would have been nervous. In the last 24 hours, however, I've developed a Wyatt obsession and am plotting how we can cross paths again. (Sitting outside at night with night vision goggles - that's how!)
Wyatt and I working together. NBD. I'm hoping after the piece is published he and I will find ourselves in some sort of Annie Leibovitz/Miley Cyrus scandal. I realize I'm old and not naked but one can dream.  
The whole gang.  From right to left; Andy Olin (from MDA), Wyatt McSpadden, Me, Macy, + Miriam Smith (MDA).

We even had craft service in that I made cookies and served coffee and Crystal Light. "Red" flavor. It was profesh guys!
As I summed up the experience super eloquently to my friend Jill later that night, "it was fun and I felt cool."  Thanks MD Anderson for making me feel cool. And saving my life. That was key too.
*P.S. - If you're super confused about all this cancer stuff, my book is a great reference point. Or check out my cancer thread.
*P.P.S - It was my Aunt Deb's birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Aunt Debbie!



  1. You so fancy (please read in an Iggy Azalea voice please)

  2. How exciting!!! Thanks for the shout out, Meg. Love you


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