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My Favorite Things

My favorite things:

I Like You Just The Way I Am- Technically I haven't read this yet but I'm confident it's going to be good given Jenny's hilarious instagram account. And given my recent sexual attraction to Jason Biggs, I'm intrigued to hear what Jenny says about their marriage. I'm gonna buy this today. I'll let you know how it is.

Andy Warhol Print from Art.Com - I'm buying this for my foyer TODAY because everything from is 40% off for today only!

The Chantelle Demi Cup Bra - I'm a 32DD. How's that for oversharing on the internet? As you readers with breasts can attest to, bras in this size range tend to be nude, padded, and not hot. The Chantelle Demi Cup, which has been my go-to for years, recently came out in new colors and its sexy. Right Dad? Danny's colleagues? Future employers?  Who else is reading this?

Pink Bathing Suit - I don't know if I can pull this pale pink off but if someone wants to buy it for me I'd be happy to try.

Asos Leopard Shift Dress - So easy to style. No accessories necessary and for only $41.92 you should totally buy it.

P.S. The post I published on The Langford Market blog today is so fun. Check it out here!



  1. I read an excerpt from her book in a magazine! It was really funny so I definitely think her book will be a good one!

  2. Those bras are very nice! I really need to get some fun colors and mix it up from the usual black and beige.


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