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Off Camera With Sam Jones + The Writers Room

It's summer. I know because there is nothing on TV. Thankfully, I've recently discovered two shows that are making my life and I'm going to share with you accordingly.
Sam Jones was already a successful photographer (we're talking Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair covers) when he decided to produce Off Camera with Sam Jones. As stated here, Sam was "sick of watching over-produced, over-hyped, over-stimulating pieces of short content that left him feeling like he learned nothing watching" in regards to the celebrity interview.
Sam, embracing this brave new world of media that we live in, started his own show where he conducts hour long, agenda-less, plug-less interviews with the likes of  John Krasinki, Judd Apatow, and Sarah Silverman (my favorite three episodes) about their craft, career, and cats. (Not really their cats but I'm a sucker for good alliteration.)
The results are thoughtful, candid, inspiring interviews that are beautifully filmed in black and white. Every time I see my DVR has recorded a new episode I hold my breath while I see who the guest is, hoping for one of my faves. I literally died it when it was John Krasinki. I'm actually writing this from heaven. Ha! JK! I'm obviously writing this from Hell.
//Channel: DirecTV's Audience Network (Channel 239). Although it appears all episodes are on his website too.//
As someone who's trying to transition into screenwriting this show is particularly up my alley. The Writers' Room invites you into the, wait for it, the writers' room of shows including but not limited to House of Cards, Scandal, Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones, New Girl, and The Good Wife. The writing staff discusses, as prompted by host Jim Rash (who co-wrote The Descendants) about how their show came to be, what script/character decisions they may have struggled with, what push back they got from the studio, casting stories, and other fascinating tidbits.
//Channel: You can watch full episodes online here.//
*And because there's a chance these shows might be cognitively stimulating, let me balance it out with some mind-erasing trash by reminding you that this Thursday TLC will be airing a Kate Plus 8 special called The Sextuplets Turn 10. I'll be watching only because it sounds amazing!

Anyone else watching these shows? Talk to me!


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