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Nailed It

While in New York I had an appointment at PaintBox Nails - a swanky salon known for their nail art. I had to cancel my appointment as it conflicted with my dinner reservation (it's hard being me) but I just told myself I'd get some nail art upon returning to Houston.

//This weekends mani/pedi results garnished with some Moulton stacker rings//

Although my friend Jill took me too a salon that was pretty great (Bora Bora for you fellow engaged Houstonians) their nail art services were lost in translation. I told the girl that I wanted a straight line on my index figure. She said "k, k, tat wrk" and then drew Mike Tyson's face tattoo on my nail. I was going to keep it just because I don't do confrontation but Jill made me speak up.

I told the manicurist "it's not you, it's me" and that next time I'd bring a picture. These are the pictures I'm going to bring her next time and hopefully she'll nail it. (Ha! Come on! That's funny. You try writing a post when your toddler is binge-eating a box of band-aids while your dog is sexually assaulting the mailman.)

*Noted that the top right design is especially impractical for the mom/dishwasher/typist that I am but I'm also a bad ass bitch. Don't forget that.

*Houston friends - are there any salons in this city that do nail art well? Enlighten me!

P.S. Orange is The New Black update - I'm on episode 12 of 27 and going strong. F*&^ you V!
P.P.S. Danny and I saw 22 Jump Street Yesterday. It was not good and very disappointing. Don't worry though Jonah, I still love you.


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