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A Love Celebration

As you may recall from here, my brother and (now) sister-in-law were married in Big Sur a few months ago. This weekend marked, as they referred to it, their "love celebration" with friends and family in Door County, Wisconsin. The celebration commenced Friday night with a massive bonfire followed by a more traditional party the following evening.
Being so close to the bride (right) and groom, I knew my gift had to be something truly special. My love of photography paired with my propensity to be cheap made being their "wedding photographer" the perfect gift. Or so I thought. As I'm going through my pictures today, I'm having second thoughts.
 For example, I have prolific pics of me and this shirtless specimen.
Pictures of the bride and groom, however, seem to be a bit more sparse.
More pictures of me....

Alright, here we go. Here is one of the bride and groom.
See how I caught that elation in their faces? It's a trick of the trade.
Perhaps my favorite part of the night were the speeches.I wrote one that Danny and I delivered. Unless someone reading this didn't like it, in which case, Danny penned it.
I think this is my favorite pic from the evening. Allow me to introduce my first cousins. Contracts still pending, our very own reality show will be airing this fall on E!. "Hanging out with the Halpins" will focus on how our Irish heritage manifests itself into a curious union of both ambition and alcoholism.

Another photo masterpiece!
What we have a here is my high school "golf team" reunion pic!
Didn't peg me as a golfer? Me either. I tried out as a joke but somehow ended up sticking out the season. Jokes on me I guess.
In all seriousness, the "love celebration" was one of the best weekends of my life. It was so great to see so many important people from my past that I don't get to see anymore living in Texas. The weekend was so special, so emotional, so nostalgic, and above all, fun.

Right Mark?

P.S. Now that I'm back home from my Midwestern tour, you can expect a more consistent blogging schedule.



  1. OH MY! I love this post Meg. We spend lots of time this weekend discussing our fav posts from you, which there are plenty. But this one will provide me with hours of hillarious commentary and ammunition for making fun of my husband, best friends and family. I LOVE IT. PS - so good to see you this weekend :) - xoxo - steph

    1. Ah, you too steph. I have a cute pic of you and Jeanine. (sp? I can't ever remember her damn name.) I'll post it on FB here shortly!

  2. Love this post so much! Parties/weddings like this are my absolute favorite...full of fun and love...and booze! Can I be invited next time??

  3. Looks like tons of fun. Come visit CO, k? You can take more great pictures and even give a speech if you want!

  4. The "Hangin with the Halpins" photo is internet gold!

  5. Aww, what a fun and special time....congrats to your bro and sis-in-law! I'm sure they'll cherish a wedding album full of your selfies for years to come. xo

  6. Such a great recap of the weekend! It was nice to see the girls golf team together again as well. Besides being the first time I've attended a love celebration it also was the first time for me to see and lodge where dirty dancing was filmed. However that was NOT the first time I've seen that man at celebration with his shirt off. Fab weekend!!


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