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My Love Triangle

Greetings from The Midwest! Macy and I have been on a 3 week pilgrimage between Chicago and Milwaukee visiting our prolific friends and family. The trip has been building up to this weekend which will culminate in my brother & Julianna's wedding.  
Having been gone from Texas for so long, I miss my house, my husband, and my dog (mostly my dog!) I'm definitely homesick. On the other hand, I've been having such special, fulfilling visits with friends and family that I'm finding myself homesick for here too. I think we all buy in that at the core of life, family and good friends are the most important pillar, so I can't help but question if living in Texas, so drastically far from our loved ones, is the right decision for my family. (I mean, it obviously is in the winter but still.)
Perhaps I'm just emo because I stayed up all night watching the first season of Chicago Fire (anyone?) and haven't slept. Or perhaps this sentiment is one that many of you, in a similar situation, can relate to. I'm in a love triangle between Texas and my friends and family. (A platonic one obviously. Incest, not so much.)
Because there is no immediate answers to life's big dilemmas like this, I'm gonna sit back, live life, and see how it all plays out. And in the meantime I'll cherish the following memories that I've made this past month. Feel free to peruse them below.

And for real, is anyone watching Chicago Fire? Taylor Kinney. Hubba Hubba.


  1. i can SO relate to this! that same argument consumes my mind pretty much 24/7. it is a constant push and pull - i know where we will end up, but it can so hard to let go of other opportunities and relationships.

  2. It's so tough being far away from people! I'm happy that we live near my in-laws (because they are wonderful), and some friends from college, but my family is far away in one direction and my husband's extended family is far away in the opposite direction. And then all my close friends from high school are spread out everywhere. I miss everyone so much! And trips almost always require a plane ride. But I'm grateful for technology, so I can still see pictures of my nieces and nephews, and facetime with them every so often. It looks like you have had a really wonderful time visiting people!

  3. CUBS CHEERLEADER OUTFIT. Dying. Also, same boat, smaller scale (STL via marriage vs. CHI family and friends). Solidarity, sister.

  4. Is that UK at the aquarium? Great pics come from those that aren't posed, although I love the posed ones, too!
    It's hard when you're lonesome for some family time & they're in another state. Yet, think of what you do have. You have made some great new friends & families that are in your life, in multiple states. Like my generation, you can go years without getting together, but it's like you saw them last week when you do see them or email or text. It's not like you've forgotten them or they've forgotten you. And when you're "home," you make an effort to make plans ahead of time to see everyone you want to see. Friends & family might take that half day off work to visit or have a casual get together with baby gates & later sleeping bags when the kids are older. Because you're back for maybe 1 night in your friend's lives, they will try to make it, because let's face it, you planned ahead & they planned ahead & you don't know when you'll be back that all will fall into place like this. I'm sure it wasn't easy planning the tour bus this trip. It's lots of emails & phone calls & arranging around baby's naps & your friends schedules. It's like this wonderful vacation that when you leave, you know you want to go back to. If you were around the corner, it gets hard to get out & get together with friends, with your kids. It's not really hard at this age, it just gets easier to say "let's get together sometime" without a definite date. Everyone has good intentions, but do they get together? When everyone's kids get older, all sorts of activities, clubs, sports, start to get in the way of an adult actually getting to have a life of their own. Our family of 4 siblings living relatively close, used to rotate houses once a month & get together with our kids. But as the cousins/children got older, it was impossible to get together on a weekend & distance made it impossible on a week night. Life is a series of changes. You'll constantly be re-evaluating what is best for you & your family. Maybe traveling back to the Midwest every summer for a few weeks is a change you'd like to make? I certainly wouldn't do it in the winter!
    And btw, we watch Chicago Fire as well. I'd like to say that actor is a hunk. But that would be weird since he's too close to my son's age, right?

  5. I can totally relate. That's why I'm moving home to Arkansas. Yay!! Love that prego girl has the cute striped shirt over her belly:))

  6. That one of Macy with the blondes?! I'm going to eat her.


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