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Four Eyes with Firmoo

My new glasses c/o Firmoo have been helping me make my way through my current reading list. I went with an oversized, red pair just cuz I thought that'd be cute (twins!) but they have tons of different styles on their site. (Including my same frames in purple.)

Back to my books.
 Here's what I have in my cue;
THRIVE-  This book is changing my life. It's helping me turn off my phone and turn into my relationship with myself - something that's making me feel happier and less anxious. More of a cliff notes person? Watch this 20 minute Charlie Rose/Arianna interview

THE POWER OF NO- Excited to start this as it comes highly recommended by my Chicago blogger friend Jessica Murnane from One Part Plant. We met up while I was in town and she's smart & hilarious. I know she wouldn't lead me astray.

THE SNOWBALL, WARREN BUFFETT- My brother told me about this. Ryan and I usually have super different taste in books. He likes to read about taxes and interest rates. Additionally, he'll only read books that are hardcover - the reason he claims he hasn't read my book yet. #supportive  

THE GIVING ME - This children's book is written by my bestie, and prolific author, Lydia Criss Mays of See Beautiful.  You know the quote that is on the cover of my book,  "this book will make you laugh out loud...etc." That's Lydia. She's the shit. The Giving Me is about one boys decision to be an organ donor and about the giving spirit in general. Learn more about it here.

P.S. Just when you thought I could write a post about books without plugging mine. You overestimated me. Buy 99 Problems but a Baby Ain't One here.

P.P.S. I'm just realizing now how serious these all are. I need a trashy beach read in the mix. Ideas?

P.P.P.S. This post was sponsored by Firmoo.


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  1. P.P.P.P.S...BUY 99 Problems But A Baby Ain't One. This book really does rule!


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