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The Business of Fashion Blogging

Reward Style's Amber Venz and Baxter Box (picture via Texas Monthly)

The number one question people ask me about my blog is how I earn money. Not only does this Texas Monthly article, The Click Clique, explain that in detail but it goes on to give a detailed expose of Amber Venz, the woman? girl? (she's only 26!) who invented the technology, Reward Style, that enables Greetings from Texas to be monetized.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amber last year at Texas Style Council. We were presenting in the same room and her presentation preceded mine. We sat next to one another and visited both there, and later that day at a happy hour, when I met her now hubby, and company co-founder, Baxter Box.

That weekend I instagrammed a picture of Amber's presentation and captioned it "the #markzuckerberg of the blogosphere. #buthotter #andnotawkward" . It was then I began meticously following her career and blog because, much like the author of the Texas Monthly article, I was captured with Amber's business aptitude and foresight, intellect, articulation, age (again, she's 26!) and runway looks.

Amber and I presenting at Texas Style Council 2013 (a well known, Austin based blogging conference)
The only concrete fact I know to be true about blogging is that its constantly evolving. (Which I wrote a piece about here.) I can't wait to watch how Amber and Reward Style adapt accordingly. I got money on something with drones.

P.S. Amber also invented the technology (called LiketoKnowIt) that  make instagram posts shoppable. Enter your email address here. Then every time you "like" one of my instagram posts - you'll be emailed the respective product links.

P.P.S. Reward Style isn't the only way I earn money blogging - but it's a part of the equation. I additionaly work with brands directly. Just thought I should disclose that since I'm apparently being overly candid about my modest W-2 today.



  1. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea that the same team behind Rewards Style was also behind LiketoKnowIt! So amazing!


  2. Really interesting! I had no idea the last blog clicked recieved the commission. I'll be sure to click on yours last next time :)


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