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Big Vs. Aidan - What your choice says about you

**I've recently been working on a design-based Sex And The City project. This, paired with my inability to change the channel when E! plays a SATC rerun, has resurrected the Aidan vs. Big deliberation for me. I've always maintained that what Team one resides on (Team Aidan vs. Team Big) speaks volumes about a person. But it wasn't until recently, in a highly caffeinated moment in which I was procrastinating on less stimulating responsibilities, that I felt compelled to pen my thoughts on this age old debate. I added a slew of hashtags throughout the prose because, well, I'm obsessed with hashtags.

Please enjoy.

AIDAN VS. BIG, by Megan Silianoff
There are many ways we as woman define and differentiate ourselves; blonde vs. brunette, sorority girl vs. can’t stand sorority girls, stay-at-home Mom vs. career woman. While all these groupings arguably represent something innate about ourselves, the most exposed and naked we’ll ever be is when we voice our preference between two proper nouns. Aidan. Or Big.

Aidan’s character in Sex And The City was comprised of what so many woman are looking for and not finding. Stability. Security. Safety. Friendship. Routine.  Children. All of this being what Aidan offered to Carrie – a life essentially. An arguably good one with prolific custom-made furniture. #nomorefreakingIkea  Aidan was a good guy – a trustworthy guy.  Which is precisely why both Applebee’s and Walgreens snagged him to do commercial voiceovers. They want you to feel warm and fuzzy when you order your “Quesadilla Burger” and pick up your monthly IUD.

But then there was Big. As in big risk.  John, as we know him now, is everything that Aidan wasn’t.  Unavailable.  Unreliable.  Exciting. Dangerous.  Spontaneous. Wealthy.  Fun! With Big, it’s more fucking than lovemaking.  More cocktails than casseroles.  More “Drunk in Love” than “Bonnie and Clyde.”  #jayandbey But while the butterfly infestation in your stomach is intoxicating and addicting, it can transform a woman into a living corpse when it ends. And it very well might end.

So what’s a girl to do? #toughcall

Depends on who she is and what she wants out of life.

Your friends who viscerally answer “Aidan” to this proposition are perhaps more family oriented. They won’t risk the opportunity of creating a family for a potentially fleeting fling.  (Or similarly perhaps they won’t leave their family.) They want a ring on it. They want a partner.  They want a best friend. They want commitment. They want to grow old with their husband and know that every Sunday morning they have a standing date at the dog park. #Pete

It’s not that your friends that reply “Big” don’t want all or most of that too. They very much do. It’s just they’re willing to chance (or physically can’t walk away from) the all encompassing, up all night, perpetually smiling, can’t eat, every love song is incredibly meaningful, incessantly texting, floating through life, love. Even though they suspect and acknowledge it’s not a sentiment that is sustainable forever.  A woman who opts for Big would rather have several years of ecstasy over a lifetime of complacency. 

Alfred Lord Tennyson famously says 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” #couldhaveswornthatwasShakespeare  While Carrie’s choice was indecisive and ridiculously messy #trainwreck she says it all here, 'I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.'

So the question stands. Who do you choose – Aidan or Big? #nopressure

CALL TO ACTION!!! *Please note the Aidan vs. Big poll I added to my sidebar, directly to your right. Let's get a sense of where we, as a Greetings from Texas community, stand on this matter. Our deaths via ebola and Isis attacks might be imminent but at least we'll have made some headway and received closure on this crucial matter. 



  1. Aidan! Although Big would be early-twenties fun.


  2. Always Aidan! Mostly because John Corbett is so cute and his character's ability to build furnitures is very hot.


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