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To the Wall, To the Wall

Announcement!!! I'm pregnant!!! JK - but now that I have your attention, let me tell you the real thing! I bought a house!! And by that I mean my younger, more responsible, real estate savvy, financially richer, little brother bought a house! But he said it could be mine too which is obviously amazing. 
The location of this said house is in my native state of Wisconsin. Minocqua, Wisconsin - an "up north" lake town. And it gets better - this isn't just some random cabin. This house has been in our family for decades. It used to be my Grandpa's house where my family would visit every summer from the time I was born until late my high school years. Minocqua is where I ate my very first pizza, learned to water ski, and had my first puberty talk with my mom upon reading Where are you God? It's Me, Margaret

The nostalgia and emotional connection to this house is so strong I could cry right now - but that's probably just the pregnancy hormones. Ha! JK guys - just making sure you're still reading!

Now that this house is back in our family, we all have responsibilities in terms of getting it functional again. For example, my brother is in charge of paying for it. That's a big one. His wife, Julianna, is in charge of decorating it. My Uncle Kelly is going to build a bunk house. And me? I was just gonna show up and see if anyone wanted to watch Macy for a minute. But then Julianna delegated "sourcing the kitchen wallpaper"  my way which we're all gonna do now. Get excited.


Top Left  Petal Pusher Wallpaper, via Anthro
Top Center  Blossom Wallpaper, Navy/Red, via Serena & Lily
Top Right Poppies Red Wallpaper, via Houzz
Bottom Left Blossom Tropic Pop Navy Mural, via Murals your way
Bottom Center Antler Gray Wallpaper, via Houzz
Bottom Right Triangles Wallpaper, vai Houzz

Any winners Jules? Or do you want some more options?

If so, I'm going to need the help of my dear Greetings from Texas readers on good places to shop wallpaper. I officially don't know where else to look after perusing Anthro, Serena & Lily, and Houzz. Help me out in the comments section y'all if you don't mind.

P.S. If you are a stalker trolling the internet for people like me who overshare about their specific whereabouts, therefore making themselves an easy target for murder, please erase this post from your memory now. Thanks!

(that don't necessarily work for a kitchen)


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  1. Oooooh top right or bottom right!!! LOVE. And now I have 'to the windows, to the wall, to the sweat drop down my BLEEEEEP' in my head.


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