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Sunday night my friend, Laurie, and I eagerly entered Central Presbyterian Church. Despite it being an hour until "showtime" the congregation was reminiscent of a Christmas Eve Mass or the scene in Sister Act when the Pope came to hear the nuns sing their secular/sacred mashups. Laurie and I, deciding we could get a terrible seat immediately, or in an hour post a glass of delicious cabernet, opted for the latter option.

My favorite parts of the night included
  • Lena's willingness to use the word "fuck" and its respective variations (motherfucker, fucking, etc.) in a church 

  • Her Q&A section. I found this much more interesting than when she did several readings from her book.  I'm not a huge fan of straight "readings" at book events. I'd rather spend the face time gaining insight from the author or hearing something from them that I wouldn't otherwise be purvey to.

  • Lena's thoughts on the current state of feminism. An audience member asked Lena if she thought there would ever be another feminist movement like there was in the 60's. Lena immediately answered that she thought it was happening RIGHT NOW. She cited Beyoncé (read this) and Taylor Swift as huge societal wins in recognizing feminism simply means " a person who believes in social, political, and economic equality of sexes." Meaning, if you're not a feminist, you're pretty much a terrible person. #A.C.Slater

  • Lena's outfit which I sourced for you below.  Nastygal dressed Lena for her tour which, to me, is pretty much living the dream. I admit its a less respectable and less ambitious dream than say, Martin Luther Kings, but shop the complete Lena Dunham/Nasty Gal Lookbook before you completely judge me.


Did anyone see Lena in another city? I'd be interested to hear about it in how it compared to what I described above! Indulge me with me a comment below, no?
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Top Collage:  Upper left photo by @v_rawrr //bottom left photo by @cocoarosie
Bottom Collage: photo of Lena by @amityyy



  1. I was there at the Austin event too! I honestly went with little to no expectations (I had never been to a book event/reading before, eek!!) but she completely blew me away! I agree with enjoying the Q&A session the most but I will say I loved hearing her read those personal accounts aloud. It made it seem more real and honest to me especially when I went back and read them for myself.

  2. Lena Dunham speaking at a church? I love it. Also, I would love it if you reviewed her book!


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