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Fellow bloggers and business biatches - get excited! Texas Style Council 2015 has a date and registration opens next month. Take a Sharpie and write "Hell Mothafuckin Yeah!" over the weekend of March 20 - 22nd, 2015. 

This year TXSC is getting "back to basics." We're heading to Camp Texlake, Texas (read about accommodations here) and focusing on creating crazy good content as opposed to crazy good statistics. It's precisely the type of programming I'm interested in during this blogging vs slogging era that we're existing in. Indiana's tagline for the weekend (Hi Indiana! I love you!) is "create a meaningful presence". She gets it guys.

This analogy makes me feel old (#botox) but TXSC is similar to college in that the people you meet early on often end up becoming life long besties. I walked into my first TXSC event intimidated and not knowing anyone. I nervously introduced myself to a tall blond whose name was Kirsten Stoddard. A year later Kirsten and I were in her apartment working on the Houston Blogger Symposium.  Later that night I saw a hot girl in a black bodysuit from across the room. We eventually spoke, bonded over the fact that we were both from Chicago, and before I knew it Lauren Kelp and I were working for Lulu & Georgia on this little ditty. (P.S. Check out Lauren's brand new website.)

The list of women I met through TXSC and went on to work with, trade leads and opportunities with, hone friendships with, and most importantly, get drunk with during this respective weekend, is too long to count - but I will anyway.
//Pics from TXSC 2013 and 2014//

(Some of the many) friends made through TXSC:

-Davina Tweedy - Um, she's now my boss at Langford Market. NBD.

-Michelle Pimm - Michelle wrote a SXSW trend report for the Langford Market blog, she wrote a rave review of my book (I had to pay her but still!) and Macy is showing signs of looking just like Michelle when she's an adult which is exciting because Michelle is a smokeshow.  

-Jessie Artigue -  We were #teamspeakeasy at Alt Summit and I used her consulting services to help me come up with PR/marketing strategies for my book.   

-Jessie Coulter: I had Jessie write an ATX City Guide for Langford Market's blog. 

-Becky Murphy: We were written up in the Houston Chron together and did a book signing together this July. We also presented, From Blog to Book, at TXSC last year. Our biggest collab of all, however, was this Saturday when we joined forces to split a pizza at dinner. 

-Jen Moulton: Wear her jewelry, k guys? I know I do.  Jen too was in on the pizza collaboration on Saturday night. Her contribution was essential as she made us order a salad in effort to be healthy. #vegetables

-Linda - Linda was a creative contributor to my BHLDN Style shoot, contributed to the Langford Market Bride to Bride series, and she is my go-to girl for wedding gifts.

-Amber Venz: I'm such a Amber Venz fangirl and I got to spend significant time with her last year. 

This blogroll of sorts is making me feel way too emo (#needkleenex) and way too anxious that I'm forgetting someone. (#needxanax) The point I'm trying to make however is that TXSC is truly a beautiful thing. I've gotten so much out of it; professionally, personally, and materialistically (#swag!) that I'm passionate about encouraging greener bloggers to attend and reap the "life value add" that I have. 

See you guys in March!  



  1. Love this post! Amazing memories and friends made. I can't wait for the camp stories we're going to share...and s'mores!

  2. This makes me really excited for TXSC. I attended when I had JUST started my blog and it inspired me to keep at it. :D Hope i'll be able to attend this year, all the women you listed are amazing! :D
    -Lauren Jade-
    Make It a Double

  3. I just peed in my pants a little reading this post and I squealed so loud that Chris though I stepped on an earring. #tooexcited #notsleepingtillMarch

    I love you. You're going to just be bowled over by the "workshops" this year. SLOG is right. Someone may or may not be presenting a talk called "Get Off My Internet? Okay. Why I quit blogging at the top of the game." Nope, not me and not YHL, but someone we know and love dearly. Someone who can DANCE.

    There's no alcohol "allowed" at this camp, but I know I can count on you to bring the contraband. See you in your "glamp" room.

  4. yay i'm so excited you're doing txsc again! it's being held at my childhood girl scout camp, which makes me almost as excited as being surrounded by amazing bloggers for three days. can't wait to see you!

    xo nicole

  5. Dude, I seriously cannot wait. I REALLY hope that I'm able to get a ticket! I think it would be amazing to go and meet all of these amazing women!

  6. Yay! I have never been before but I've always wanted to! Maybe this is the year I finally make it happen. You definitely talked it up enough :)

  7. I'm definitely one of the greener bloggers you're speaking about and this sounds like a bucket of fun. Hell yeah!

  8. Glampety glamp glamp! I'm so FREAKIN excited about this, and we're not in the same cabin, I WILL be sneaking into your room for bedtime stories (and a swig of the contraband). #indymademedoit



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