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While many admire the works of Picasso or Van Gogh or even more contemporary creators like Andy Warhol, my favorite artist of all time is a chic named Linda. Linda lives in San Antonio, is possibly the sweetest person I know, and has an etsy shop called Though Very Humble.

I read Linda's blog for a while so when I saw her at a blogging event for the first time I was starstruck and intimidated to talk to her. After seeing her at a few more events, however, I realized she was the nicest human ever and now I think we're friends. I don't know - we'll see if she likes this post.

While I love Linda's prints, penmanship pieces, and what she calls her "hip hip hoorays" (invitations), her portraits are what I'm really obsessed with and often buy them as wedding presents for friends. 

For example, this is my friend Lucy whose wedding I recently attended. Last week Linda finished Lucy's wedding portrait. My favorite part is the purple necklace that Lucy's groom is wearing in the picture. Everyone at the wedding was wearing them on the dance floor and I feel like it captures the spirit of the night.

This couple is called Megan and Danny. They are pretty cool. A few years ago they modeled in a style shoot for BHLDN and Linda drew this cameo style portrait accordingly. Again, I want to stress how cool Megan and Danny are.

These are our friends Paul and Rosa!!! Fun fact about Rosa - she was an integral part of Danny and my courtship. I can honestly say Rosa and Jaegarbombs are two huge reasons  Danny and I are together today.  

Aww. This was my buddy Meaghan (hi Meags!) who I worked with when I was a recruiter in Chicago. Meaghan went on to work at a McKinsey Consulting, a super prestigious firm that Chelsea Clinton once worked at. My career path is obviously equally distinguished and perhaps best illustrated by yesterday's post where I wrote beautifully about getting drunk in New Orleans.

Alright, go check out Linda's shop! Ready, Set, Go!



  1. wait, I thought Jay-Z was your favorite artist? Get your story straight, lady! :-) But yeah, Linda is pretty amazing!

    1. Good catch. Linda is my favorite visual artist. Jay is my favorite audio artist...and human. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. These are great! She's so clever!

  3. You are too sweet to call me your favorite artist and OF COURSE we are friends! I loved seeing the photos of your friends alongside the illustrations. Thank you for supporting my little shop through the years. Look out in the mail soon for a present for Macy!


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