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My extended family has developed a tradition in which when someone turns 30 they plan a destination "birthday party" and the majority of the family shows up to celebrate your ascendant into middle age. It was my brother's turn this weekend and so "The Halpins" (my maiden name) made a pilgrimage to The Big Easy.
The weekend started off with wedding dress shopping for my brother's fiancé, Julianna. Having been out the night before, our 10:30 appointment at the lavish bridal store was  rough. In fact, "someone" (I won't name names - on the blog anyway! I'm more than happy to reveal the identity via text!), may have thrown up in the bridal store bathroom.

My cousins Jessie (left) and Kim who are part of my heart.

This is us indulging bridezilla Julianna in what she was calling "her day".
I made everyone stop at Sucre for macaroons and gelato because I read that Jay Z and Beyoncé had been before.
Only in New Orleans! That's my mom on the left! JK, obviously. She's on the right!

And somehow after 48 long hours of partying, the main event -my brothers actual party - rolled around. He had rented a balcony off Bourbon Street so that we could throw beads to the people (and in one interesting case, a cop!) below. (It was actually the same venue as this should you recall.)

I have very few pictures from the night that are blog appropriate. Nobody needs to see a bunch of people in their 30's grinding - especially when so many of them are related to one another.

Happy 30th RyRy.

Annnnd my favorite picture of the trip.
It doesn't really need explanation, right?

Now - for some announcements.

-Did you enjoy this post? I just posted more NOLA pictures from the weekend on my facebook page!

- I'm going to be on the wagon for a while. Drinking is for sinners.

- Family and fellow NOLA party goers - I'm going to make a movie of our trip because that's apparently my new hobby. Danny's just glad I'm no longer trying to play the piano "by ear". Email /text me pics that I should include. Make sure I look pretty and skinny in them otherwise your effort will be in vein.




  1. a 32 oz daq for $12?!?!?!?! WHYYYYYYYY Can't I be there?!?!?!

  2. Haha! I've totally been to that drink/pizza spot in the last pic. :)


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