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Talk It Ovar

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of co-hosting an ovarian cancer charity event called Talk It Ovar. I've since been informed that the event raised over $40k which is obviously fantastic. I initially thought my friends and I had an integral part in that figure but I later found out the drinks at the bar were free.
Jokes aside, it was a really meaningful event. I had only been out of the hospital for two weeks at this point so ovarian cancer was still a raw in my mind and body. It was neat to be in the company of people who all had a connection to the same disease. I left that evening with a renewed sense of gratitude for how lucky I am.

Top Photo: My fellow co-hosts for the evening.
Bottom Photo(s): From left to right: World famous astronaut Leroy Chiao, Former Houston principal ballerina, Mireille Hassenboehler, and me chatting about China. They had both gone for business. I shared that I'd been to immerse myself in the designer knock off industry that the country does so well.
Left: Danny and my Dad belly up to the bar. #shocker
Right: Danny and our friend, Bradley, getting a photo opp with Leroy.

 I sold lots of books that night which was a big maraschino cherry on top of a great evening.

An Ethan Allen showroom was the venue for the event which I found to be highly convenient as I didn't have the energy to drive ride shotgun home when it was over. Charlotte and I therefore passed out in this impeccably designed bedroom until we couldn't stand the looks from security anymore. #rude

*Check out more pics from the evening on my Greetings from Texas Facebook page.

*Most of the photos were taken by Kelly Garvey Photography

Have a good day everyone!
Muah, Megan


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  1. You are hilarious. Glad it was a successful event!



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