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Grungey in Dallas

This weekend in Dallas there were two occasions in which I had to wear a dress. (My book signing and a baptism.) The remaining 32-ish hours I was wearing (and possibly sleeping in) this outfit which I've deemed my 90's grunge look.

I feel like its an authentic interpretation of the nineties. I considered smoking, just to get real legit on it, but I didn't have any cigs and too lazy to buy some. Plus I unfortunately hate smoking. I love the idea of smoking - the buzz, the social aspect and camaraderie of it all, and the post-intercourse cig in movies always seems sexy to me. But I've tried many times and just can't take to the habit. (*Smoking in general. Not the post sex scenario. ) And while I'm walking that fine line of TMI, let me tell you that I went sans bra in this outfit too. Something grunge lends itself to nicely and one of the prolific reasons I'm a 90's fashion fan.

Do you like my flannel? It's from Old Navy and because I'm the neat height of 5'2 it's an XL from the boys section. I liked the color palette better than any of the woman?  women's? women? wtf!  female flannels. 

Sadly, I didn't get to spend nearly as much time exploring Dallas as I wanted to. No Gwyneth Paltrow/Goop PopUp Shop. No seeing the building where Khloe & Lam Lam lived (and presumably did crack?) during their Mavericks stint. No eating at Cane Rosso, the pizza place that came so highly recommended from my cousin. But I did get to stay at The Joule which was an AMAZING hotel. Joule, if you're reading this, call me in regards to exchanging a review/blog post in exchange for a comped stay. You probably don't need it - but I do. K? Thanks.

It's a short week everyone. Let's rejoice in that. XO, Megan

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