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Announcement! My friend, fellow adoptive milf, and just general down ass bitch Jessica Murnane, got a major makeover to her site, One Part Plant. Jessica' site started as a plant based food blog of sorts. Her story being that she had endometriosis so bad that she could barely get out of bed and was set to have a hysterectomy at the ripe age of 33. As a last ditch effort, she tried a plant-based diet and guess what happened? She cured that shit!

As Jessica evolved over time, however, she found that her diet wasn't the only way she was becoming a happier and healthier person - there were other ways too which she wanted to incorporate into her site. It now includes her amazing One Part Podcast (that I was a recent guest on, listen here), a recipe index (these are orgasmic), her dining series called For Reals Meals (which I recently hosted - more on that soon), and her One Part Posse - people who've helped and inspired Jessica along the way.

I'm honored to be in Jessia's Posse. She asked each posse member to take a picture of themselves and share something that we're currently working on to make ourselves healthier and happier. For me that is finding quiet time to listen to instinct and my intuition. It's ideology inspired by T.D. Jake's book, Instinct. Jess Lively also speaks brilliantly about this in this podcast #47.

Here comes the call to action. Head over to Jessica's site and dig in. It's good stuff. Pinky swear.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone. I'm thankful for all you that read this obnoxious little blog of mine.  
Gobble Gobble, Megan


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