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3 Documentaries to Watch During The Holidays

*all available on Netflix

Let me start about clarifying these aren't "holiday" movies - no Macaulay Culkin in any of these films. I just figure everyone will have some extra down time these next two weeks in which you might want to watch a good flick.

Here's what I watched (and loved!) this weekend;

First Position - This documentary follows six kids (all different ages and nationalities) as they prepare for The Youth America Grand Prix - basically the most important audition of their life. It's their chance to get scholarships or job offers. If they don't do well - their career is basically over. #nopressure  I didn't "relate" necessarily from my career in gymnastics as I quit precisely when the types of sacrifices these kids are making began for me. But serious gymnasts and ballet dancers definitely have similar trajectories. The film also reminded me I love ballet!!! Maybe I'll go here soon - I have the time, clearly, if I'm spending 6+ hours on Netflix on a Saturday night. #party #loser 

After Porn Ends - Sorry not sorry! This came up in my Netflix cue and I was like "absolutely". It was incredible how these people fell into porn so quickly. At one point I was like "man, I hope I don't fall into porn." Now, in the light of day, its seems less likely and not my most pressing thing to worry about. The film was equally fascinating and sad. Every porn star profiled in the film, even the ones who had "no regrets", seemed so melancholy all these years laters. Don't do porn people!

Hungry for Change - A sequel basically to Forks Over Knives. The jist of course is that processed food, meat, dairy, and sugar are killing us. Sugar is especially bad - it's highly addictive no different than any other drug- which is probably why I love it so much. #cookies #donuts #yum
Because we, as a society, are feeding our children (Macy!) so much processed food and sugar they now have a shorter life span than the generation before them. (Me!) That's really f@cked up, no? As someone who is trying my damnest to eat a plant based diet - this served as good motivation. 

Have any of you seen these already? Thoughts?
Other documentaries that I should watch? I need recs too!


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