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Dear Megan

Welcome to a new "advice" series I'm starting, effective now.  It was the brainchild of an anonymous person in my life who we'll call "crushing in corporate". This person sent me an urgent text this week to get my thoughts on making out with a colleague. Before I could reply to her text, however, she sent a 2nd one saying, "You should start an advice column on your blog." Although it was obviously a "tongue in cheek" suggestion I was like "That's Brilliant!". So here I am giving said advice about the "tongue she wants inside her cheek" #nailedit and any other tricky situation you readers might need input on. Let's get started!

Dear Corporate Crush Conundrum-

You've come to the right place. Romances in the workplace are a special interest of mine, perhaps because I conducted a saucy one myself circa 2005. Here's what I know;

Office romances are just another benefit your company offers you in exchange for your hard work. They are no different than, say, a 401k plan, health or dental insurance, and the use of a company gym.  In fact, this is something that you want to be cognizant of when accepting an offer. Ask for an office tour if one isn't offered to you and scope out the scene. (Don't forget to look for wedding rings!)

Here's an analogy that may be helpful. Would you balk at taking a complimentary muffin from the company lunchroom? Of course not! Then why hesitate when indulging in a delicious colleague? As long as the interaction is consensual (I absolutely do not condone rape) I see no ethical problem with it.

Happy Hour is an excellent time to lock down a cute colleague. Perhaps order a shot for each of you (I'm partial to Jager) and make some sort of witty work reference. Once you both achieve a buzz, invite your crush back to your place for something you know he's into. (A special bottle of wine or whiskey would work, pot, or the promise of ordering a pizza fall into this category.)

In my experience, an office romance made going to work exciting. No longer was I selling copy machines door to door, but rather preparing for an early morning date.  Gone were the days I wanted to call in sick or play hooky. (Not to be confused with a "hickey" which sometimes happen in scenarios like these.)  Sure, I had to quit promptly after things died down and got awkward - but the economy is good again, no? Jobs are a dime a dozen but true love lasts forever.

Go get your man!


*Have a question in which you'd like to solicit my advice? Email me at megansilianoff(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll put it in the cue. Please know that your identity will remain anonymous and that I'm not a trained therapist I just play one on this blog.



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