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CLASSPASS guys. I'm a fan. A real big fan. Of their concept. Of their branding. Of the fact they're finally here in H-tizzle. "But WTF is CLASSPASS, Megan?" Don't worry guys, this is a sponsored post, I'm obviously going to tell you!

For $79 per month you can buy a CLASSPASS. This allows you access to some of Houston's most popular fitness studios like The Bar Method, Joy Yoga, and Pure Barre to name a few.
-It also has a cross fit gym that you can work out at. (No thanks.)
-A pole dancing studio you can work out at. (Sounds slutty but fun.)
-A "Bollywood Shake" Dance Studio. (100% yes.)

This is me yesterday at Body Rock Pilates in The Heights - another one of the studios that is the CLASSPASS network.  Please note my amazing form and intense concentration that is 100% staged for the camera. 

Here I am again, still faking poses for the shot. 

The truth, however, is that I loved this class. The machines were fun, it was only 50 minutes, and the instructor didn't yell at me when I came in super late. (Macy submerged her head in our toilet as I was running out the door, resulting in her 2nd bath before 9am. It was really neat.) I will for sure visit Body Rock three times - which its the max amount of times you can visit one studio a month.

Buy a pass today and meet me at the "Aerial" yoga class! Paige and I are going later this week. We can all get injured together! 

***Don't live in Houston? CLASSPASS is all over; Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Denver, etc.

***More questions about CLASSPASS? I'll answer anything in the comments section!



  1. Hey Megan,
    I live in Austin and I'm trying to sign up but it's saying that it will be $99 per month instead of the $79 you mentioned. I'm wondering if you've got some sort of code that gets me the $79 rate?

    1. No.....the pricing varies city to city - anywhere from $79 to $99. It must be $99 in Austin. Sorry to have mislead you!!! I'll change it in my post.

  2. ok, i'm totally thinking of joining ClassPass so I'm doing my research. Every blog I've read about it, the blogger used the free month but never joined... what's that all about? When they offered me a free month I didn't even use it because i was too "busy". I'm bitchy that way I guess. I'm kicking myself for it now..... sigh.


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