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It's gonna be a huge day today guys - absolutely huge! Not because Macy is making her inaugural visit to Chucky Cheese or because Parenthood is on tonight. (Though both valid reasons for enthusiasm). But even more thrilling is that my recent calvins purchase (a la Macy's) is scheduled to arrive today! I see an unsolicited hug in my mailman's future.

I've been obsessing over old school Calvins for a while now. Do you know what I mean when I say that? Think early 90's;  My-So Called Life, NBA Starter Jackets, CK one, and this  amazing song

But how am I justifying spending so much $$ on underwear? 

Easy. It's not my money - it's Danny's. 

(I kid, I kid!The real reason, or the equally ridiculous one, is that I've been going sans bra lately. I've apparently shed a few lbs and my boobs have shrunk. How's that for TMI? Had you noticed Dad? How about you Uncle Carl?

Anyway, I've been celebrating this recent development by not wearing a bra. It's amazing. But also not appropriate. (Or so I've been told by rude people in my life.)  I feel my Calvins will be a good solution. They'll be more comfortable then a traditional bra and less slutty when I'm wearing, say, a thin white t-shirt. 

                             -BE COOL & SHOP OLD SCHOOL CALVINS-

P.S. Valentines Day is coming up. Old school Calvins would be a cute look for you saucy ladies considering doing a boudoir session for your man/woman. (Book Paige for that obvi!)

P.P.S. Parenthood people! Are they gonna kill Zeke off? Why is Ray Romano so sexy to me in his non-sexy role? Talk to me below!


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  1. Have I told you lately that I love you?! Your blog posts make my life!!! Onto the most important topic - Parenthood...Ok, so part of me thinks they WONT kill Zeke off because it seems too obvious. Part of me thinks they might kill someone else off (but thats just dark of me to say that). I'm not sure, but I will say I do love Julia and Joel back together (even though her little interim guy was beyond sexy), and I'm just overall pleased with this's truly the BEST. ok I'm done ranting. I love that you're wearing old school CK's!!!!! xo


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